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Kirsty Nancarrow and Suzie Cray are seasoned broadcast specialists who are making it their mission to educate Far North Queensland in all things video creation. Kirsty Nancarrow is the Director of Regional Media Training and an award-winning multimedia journalist with more than 25 years' media experience, mostly with the ABC. Kirsty is a sought-after media trainer and passionate video storyteller. Suzie Cray is the Director of FNQ Training & Editing and knows her way around a camera and an edit suite. She has worked in London, Egypt and Japan. She was the Senior Editor and Trainer at Sky News Australia on and off for over 15 years and has mentored professionals and creatives at all levels of experience.

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Video Marketing Courses

with eMotion Video

Video is king of digital content, but why hire an expensive production company when you can be your own film crew?


- The power of storytelling

- Different styles of video that will sell your business and make people want to share it 

- Step by step planning of an engaging video story

- Video Production overview – the who, the what, the why… and some film grammar

- How to produce high-quality professional video content with the best camera techniques: positioning and framing, lighting (natural and artificial) shot by shot sequencing, lighting and sound and the equipment required for a professional finish

- Camera presentation and interviewing techniques, the psychology of interviewing and making your subject comfortable

- Time-saving editing apps on your phone both FREE and paid

- Editing 101: trimming, editing techniques, music selection, video and audio post-production basics

- Top tips from the professionals

- Inspiration – the fear factor is taken away and ideas can now flourish

- We finish with a Q&A to answer any questions left unanswered



- Communications staff in corporate or government organisations who are responsible for content creation

- Staff who have been tasked to be the media hero and need to up-skill themselves

- Entrepreneurs, small business owners and NGOs who don't know where to start or what equipment they need

- Photographers who want to harness the power of video

- Avid video takers who need help putting the hours of recorded holiday and adventure footage they have taken into a great visual story

Public Course Dates

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